MANUS WFM Solutions

Our deep industry knowledge ensures a workforce management solution that is perfectly tailored to your sector-specific requirements. Find the best solution for your business.

WFM Solutions

  • The best planning for your complex workforce
  • Always compliant
  • Save up to 10% on labor costs

Total HR Payroll

  • Outsource payroll activities
  • Combine the power of your HR / Payroll system & Manus WFM
  • One single point of contact

WFM Consultancy

  • Streamline your HR and operational processes
  • Benefit from our extensive WFM expertise
  • The best solution for your needs

MANUS WFM drives more revenue in different markets

How MANUS can empower your business


Intuitive Workforce Scheduling

Effortlessly craft optimal schedules with our intuitive workforce planning software. Assign shifts in line with local labour regulations, and roster the ideal staff count in all situations thanks to forecasting tools.


with local regulations

With MANUS WFM, you can rest assured that you’re compliant with local laws and labor regulations. Our software is fully aligned with the regulations of each country you operate in, keeping you compliant and preventing any fines or legal issues.


Maximize cost savings

Transform your workforce expenditure with MANUS WFM. Utilize our state-of-the-art algorithms to optimize staffing, curb excessive overtime, and pinpoint cost-saving opportunities. Realize potential savings of up to 10% on labour costs.


Tailored to your

MANUS Software caters to a range of sectors. Whether you’re in retail, large-scale production, leisure, logistics, wholesale, or a call centre, MANUS Software is your global partner. Our deep industry knowledge ensures a solution that is perfectly tailored to your industry-specific requirements.

“With MANUS WFM, we have the tools to better plan and provide the best service our customers deserve. In addition, the Employee Self Service app has greatly improved our internal communication. An essential asset for any Operations Director who wants the best for their team and customers.”

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