Retail Workforce Management Software

Manage complex schedules with Workforce Management Software for Retail.
Optimize employee schedules that create greater productivity.
Enhance your customer experience thanks to the retail scheduling software by MANUS.


Retail WFM

Optimized Retail Scheduling for Profitable Results

Utilize our retail employee scheduling software to collect insights from your sales data and masterfully adjust your staffing on slower days. Contemplating tighter opening hours? Let your sales metrics guide you to more profitable operating times.

Your Contract Mix

Diversifying your contract mix brings many benefits including efficient resource allocation and a better customer experience. MANUS WFM for retail helps you keep an immediate pulse on employee availability and demand, ensuring your mix of full-time, part-time, and seasonal contracts is just right.

Retail Scheduling

Our scheduling software for retail automates your scheduling processes and ensures schedules meet cost targets. Automated alerts enable the timely management of schedule changes, eliminating the need for last minute arrangements and reducing overtime costs. MANUS WFM also supports term management by exception.


Maintain seamless communication between managers and teams for perfect clarity thanks to our Employee Self Service App. Never miss a beat with automated alerts and notifications, ensuring schedules are managed in a timely manner.

Retail WFM

Made Easy

Navigate labour laws effortlessly. Our world-renowned retail workforce management solutions ensures automated compliance, always – and no matter how many countries you operate in.

Retail WFM


The MANUS WFM API enables Retail Workforce Management to integrate with HR Systems, Payroll Systems, POS, ERP and Financial Systems, as well as BI Tooling and Clock devices. This allows integrating data with well-established solutions as ADP, Afas, Datafox, SAP, Salesforce, Power BI by Microsoft, Workday and much more.

Retail WFM

Boost Job Satisfaction

Meet the modern workforce’s need for development. Identify training needs based on performance metrics and ensure staff are cross-trained across different roles and departments. Our Employee Self Service app also boosts morale, providing a convenient way for employees to manage their availability and leave requests.

“Manus’ retail workforce management is not only a solid solution that proves each month that the correct hours are calculated and forwarded to our Payroll provider, but it has revolutionized our dynamic workforce planning. It helps us to be flexible in a competitive market with ever-changing challenges.”

HR Director International Retailer

Streamlining across different branches with Manus WFM

With Manus WFM, it is possible to optimize and enhance your operational processes across multiple branches. Transition from retail WFM to logistics with greater efficiency, whether it’s with smart staff scheduling or insights into future demand. We make sure that the right person is scheduled in the right place at the right time – and at the right cost. Manus offers an integrated solution that boosts productivity between retail and other branches.

WFM Retail Software

Transform your retail operations and cut labour costs at-scale.