Softbrick B.V. and Manus Software B.V. join forces as MANUS

Softbrick B.V. and Manus Software B.V. join forces as MANUS

Softbrick BV and Manus join forces as MANUS

Two leading players in Workforce Management software, Softbrick B.V. and Manus Software Europe B.V. – both part of the Canadian Valsoft Corporation Group – will join forces on December 4th to jointly move forward as MANUS. This merger marks an exciting development in the world of Workforce Management (WFM) software, planning and time evaluation.

New horizons, new branding

Since Valsoft Corporation’s acquisition of Softbrick B.V. in 2020 and Manus Software B.V. in 2021, the two companies have already been collaborating intensively in the background.

“The decision to continue as one entity under the name MANUS originates, on the one hand, from the ambition to combine our joint knowledge and strength and, on the other, to offer transparency to our customers and relations.” Explains Danny Assen, Commercial Manager at MANUS.

“The merger of both brands allows us to develop better and broader solutions for our valued customers. With this change, we will at once become the most experienced Workforce Management (WFM) partner within Europe. Our combined expertise will help us to better respond to customer needs and to position ourselves more strongly within the WFM market.”

What does this mean for customers?

This merger brings significant benefits to the customers of both companies. “Firstly, we remain committed to the personal approach and strong customer relationships that characterized Softbrick B.V. At the same time, we bring in Manus Software B.V.’s business expertise to strengthen our services and drive international growth”, adds Jan-Willem van Riet CEO at MANUS.

In recent weeks, customers have already been informed of the upcoming changes, which will be further rolled out in the coming months.

New beginnings, a new look

This step is being demonstrated today with the presentation of a new logo and website. The logo combines the letter M of MANUS and the W of Workforce management – with collaborative individuals. The MANUS website provides detailed information about the new identity, services and capabilities of the company.


MANUS, formed by the merger of Softbrick B.V. and Manus Software Europe B.V., is a leading player in Workforce Management software. With innovative solutions for Workforce Planning, Time Evaluation, Time Registration, Payroll and Consultancy, they strive for 100% control and 0% waste. MANUS helps ambitious companies in mastering complex Regulations, Operational and HR processes. In the past 30 years, renowned Call centers, and companies in Retail, Logistics, Production and Leisure have optimized their processes and achieved their goals thanks to the use of MANUS.

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