Workforce Management for Hospitality & Leisure



Agile Scheduling. Easy Compliance. Service Excellence.

Handle the complexity of WFM in leisure and hospitality with world class WFM software. Anticipate demand, handle multiple shift patterns, and meet event-driven staffing needs – while reducing labour costs by up to 10%.

Guest Experiences

Optimize staff deployment for superior guest satisfaction. MANUS WFM provides time evaluation data which, when integrated with analytics software, hones in on key scheduling insights, predicting demand and tailoring your workforce strategy.

Staff-Guest Ratios

Redefine service excellence with a balanced staff-to-guest ratio. With our adept roster management, guests bask in personalized and attentive service. The result? An unforgettable experience they’ll keep coming back to.

Skills Based

Coordinate staff schedules with event bookings to ensure adequate coverage and preparation, and for settings such as swimming pools or adventure sports, ensure lifeguards, trainers, or safety staff are always scheduled for duty.


Discover Inefficiencies Before They Cost You

Evaluate how time is spent and swiftly identify process inefficiencies. Discover challenges, like room prep targets not being met, or excessive travel between tasks. Dive deep with connected analytics to spot discrepancies in staff performance, guiding your focus towards training or process standardization.


Harness Data for Targeted Training and Growth

Empower your team with training tailored to actual needs. By analysing time-evaluation data, pinpoint productivity patterns and trends. Elevate service quality by investing in employee growth, ensuring not only heightened guest satisfaction but also loyalty.


Labor Law Compliance

Take the administrative burden out of your compliance procedures thanks to the automation MANUS WFM provides. Adhere to industry-specific labour regulations and ensure fair scheduling and working conditions.

“MANUS’ WFM system is not just about effective scheduling; it is about managing a financially prosperous organization. By interfacing with other systems, we know exactly what’s going on and keep personnel costs manageable without compromising the quality of our services.”

CFO Hospitality

MANUS WFM offers more than just scheduling

it’s your partner in delivering unparalleled guest experiences.