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Cut Labour Costs with WFM Software

Our cloud-based workforce management software transforms the way you manage staff and cuts labour costs by up to 10%. From attendance tracking to time evaluation to compliance, our WFM solutions are packed with features that provide the ultimate efficiency. Automate costly processes & optimize resource allocation.

Eliminate the Drain of Manual Input

Personnel Planning

Optimal Employee Scheduling

Manus offers a range of WFM tools for workforce planning. It provides a data-driven basis for which employees should work when and where. It considers labour laws, employee preferences, and skill requirements, minimizing overtime, preventing understaffing, and maintaining optimal coverage.

Manage Demand Fluctuation

Navigate the challenges of demand fluctuations. Accurately forecast and manage your staffing needs, eliminating the pain of overtime costs and keeping you prepared for busy seasons.

Automate Processes

Optimize Resource Allocation

Clear Insights

One of our planning tools is the Graphical Assistant. It displays parameters and data from the planning process, ensuring accuracy and reduce cognitive load so managers can work swiftly and efficiently. In addition, the PlusViewer provides graphical insights of all workforce information and trends within specified timeframes.

Meet Labor Cost Targets Every Time

Clear visual information about diversions from the advertised optimum – along with other built-in checks and warnings – ensures schedules meet the desired standards and compliancy. That’s not all – a schedule can only be finalized when it’s within a certain range of the required goal.

Find the perfect balance

Between staffing levels and workload

WFM Solution

Time and Attendance Software

Time and Attendance

Manus has different workforce management solutions concerning time, one of them being a time and attendance system. Hours can be realized through clocking via mobile app, manual entry, physical and biometric clocks, WEB-clock, or through data from third parties.

Realized Time

Realized hours include regular work, vacation, sick leave, other relevant types of hours. Automatic Prefill Wizards assist users in entering special hours.

WFM Solution

Time Evaluation

The Core of Cost Savings and Efficiency

Our powerful time evaluation engine is the backbone of our WFM solutions. It supports legislation, Collective Labor Agreements, company regulations and other parameters that must be factored in when calculating pay. This ensures that no matter how many countries your organization operates in, you are always on the right side of the law.

Calculation Engine

Calculate pay automatically with the calculation engine. What if regulations change? No problem – the engine updates automatically, ensuring that calculations are always accurate and lawful. Retrospective changes are possible and thanks to the re-calculation analyser, you can always retrace your steps and see why the results are what they are.


Parameters can be varied based on employee type, function, location, department, or even per employee. This flexibility provides a fully streamlined experience with no intervention needed.

One Streamlined Database

No matter how many branches you have, our multibranch setup stores all your data in one database for optimal performance.

Payroll Integration

Want to automate operations even more? Thanks to the flexible integrations possible with MANUS WFM, time evaluation data can be fed into payroll and accounting software, preventing errors in data entry and saving time.

WFM Solution

Maximize Productivity

Real-Time Monitoring for Maximum Productivity
Get live insights into your workforce’s activities thanks to our WFM solutions. Monitor attendance, punctuality, and adherence to schedules in real-time with our time evaluation engine. Our software integrates with analytics platforms, enabling deep insights on workforce utilization.

Harness your workforce data and

cut labour costs by up to 10%

WFM Solution


Safeguard Your Budgets

Our workforce management solution protects your budgets in terms of hours and costs. The system can create basic or complex budgets based on historic data or use externally computed budgets. Managers may further process budgets, adjusting them using trends or manual corrections.

Flexible Parameters

During implementation, parameters and controls are defined and may include anything from weather forecast to visitors to receipt amounts and beyond.

WFM Solution


Compliance Engine

Multinational organizations face the challenge of diverse labour regulations. Our compliance engine ensures you’re always on the right side of the law while reducing the administrative burden.

Compliance Made Simple

Set up all applicable rules for each part of your organization. The engine then processes data on work hours, breaks, and overtime across all jurisdictions. In addition, recalculations are possible when realized hours or regulations change.

WFM Solution

The Ultimate User Experience

My Manus the Employee Self-Service App

My Manus reduces scheduling admin. Employees can update their availability, view schedules, request leave, track requests, and manage their data by the click of a button on a sleek, modern interface.

Modern User Interface

Manus WFM is designed for the ultimate ease-of-use. Its sleek interface and clear navigation ensures a streamlined experience with users getting the most out of the system.

Plan, automate, and reduce labour costs

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