Total HR Payroll Software

Streamlined HR and Payroll Processing Software

Simplify complex HR-processes. Outsource all your HR activities and focus on what you do best, while we handle the rest.


Two Outsourcing Options

Whether you prefer Payroll or Business Process Outsourcing, our platform has got you covered. Manus interconnects with the renowned AFAS HR software for efficient payroll processing, providing our customers with the best expertise of both worlds. You can also let us take the reins of your HR data input. This gives you a single point of contact for all enquiries.


Precise and Prompt Salary Processing

With our combination of Manus and AFAS payroll management software, your workload will diminish and payroll will be accurate every time. From salary processing tasks through to pay slip generation, we have all the bases covered. Your employees will always receive their rightful compensation on time, maintaining trust and satisfaction.

Comprehensive Payroll Process Control

Navigate your payroll journey with unparalleled control and oversight. Manus TOTAL HR Services ensures that every stage – from pre-payroll checks to post-payroll control – is executed with perfection. Through our collaboration, you can rest assured of complete adherence to wage declarations, pension fund notifications, and other critical regulations.

More services at your fingertips

As well as payroll management, we provide a dynamic employee portal (ESS) and management portal (MSS), and other comprehensive human resources tools. As a result, you can enjoy streamlined administration, freeing your HR department from tedious processes.

Efficient Workforce Management Software

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