WFM for HR & Payroll

Streamline Your HR Operations with Workforce Planning Software. Unburden from Routine Admin with Automated WFM Solutions. World class workforce management software brings substantial labour cost savings. Admin is reduced thanks to automation and you can say goodbye to payroll errors.


Time Evaluation

Our powerful time evaluation engine sits at the core of MANUS WFM. It processes time and attendance data for the automated calculation of pay.

The engine considers parameters such as legislation, Collective Labor Agreements and company parameters. This ensures a win-win – employees receive accurate and timely pay while your organization stays compliant.


Payroll Integration

Our software seamlessly integrates with your existing payroll management system, guaranteeing consistent data flow and smooth operations. The system can also be integrated with accounting software, analytics platforms, and other HR management software.

Hassle-Free Compliance

Staying compliant with labour laws in multiple nations used to be a painstaking task. Thanks to our enterprise workforce management software, you can stay compliant across the globe with minimal effort.

Our compliance engine lets you set rules for each distinct part of your organization. It also accounts for regulatory changes – automatically – so you’re always one step ahead.


Time Evaluation

Data-Driven Insights

Discover the power of comprehensive reporting. From payroll to attendance metrics, every piece of data is a stepping stone to informed decisions.

Empower Employees with Self-Service

Our Employee Self-Service app MyManus, reduces the number of inquiries your HR team receive. Staff can simply update their availability, view their schedules, and request leave within the app. When requests are approved, they are notified – no need for follow ups with your team.

On-the-Go Management

Our solutions are cloud-based, giving you the flexibility to manage from anywhere. Whether in the office or across the globe, you’re always in control.

“Manus is not only a solid solution that proves each month that the correct hours are calculated and forwarded to our Payroll provider, but it has revolutionized our dynamic workforce planning. It helps us to be flexible in a competitive market with ever-changing challenges.”

HR Director International Retailer

WFM Operations Software

Improve the processes that underpin WFM efficiency