WFM for Finance

Harness Workforce Management Software for Superior Financial Control

100 % Control. 0% Waste


Cost Optimization

Meet Labor Cost Targets

Achieve superior value from labour costs with our software’s capability to refine workforce schedules, curtail overtime expenses, and identify avenues for savings.

Information about diversions from the advertised optimum – along with other built-in checks and warnings – ensure schedules meet the desired standards and compliance. A schedule can only be finalized when it’s within a certain range of the required goal, providing the ultimate control.

Minimize Payroll Discrepancies

Trust in a system that minimizes payroll errors, resulting in substantial savings and consistent, accurate employee compensation.


Forecast with Confidence

Anticipate the workforce needs of tomorrow. Armed with robust data, facilitate precise budgeting and forecasting, ensuring judicious allocation of resources for workforce expenses. Navigate departmental budgets with ease and ensure optimal financial efficiency across all fronts.


Create basic or complex budgets based on historic data or use externally computed budgets. Managers may further adjust budgets using trends or manual corrections. Parameters and controls are defined on implementation and can include anything from weather forecast to visitors to receipt amounts.


Financial Strategy

Empower Decision-Makers

Harness insights to drive informed decisions about labour allocation, hiring strategies, and other vital financial considerations.

Precise Financial Reporting

Delve into detailed and accurate financial insights encompassing payroll, overtime, and other HR-related expenditures, simplifying the scrutiny of labour costs.

“MANUS’ WFM system is not just about effective scheduling; it is about managing a financially prosperous organization. By interfacing with other systems, we know exactly what’s going on and keep personnel costs manageable without compromising the quality of our services.”

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WFM for Finance

Gain Superior Financial Control