WFM voor Logistiek

Workforce Management Software for Logistics

Transforming the Logistics Landscape with State-of-the-Art Solutions


Optimized Routes for Elevated Efficiency

In logistics, every mile counts. Our WFM software seamlessly integrates with tools, ensuring your team’s schedules align with the most efficient paths. Supercharge your delivery efficiency.

Anticipate Tomorrow with Demand Forecasting

Be it seasonality, market flux, or unique client requests, the demand for goods transportation is ever-changing. Harness the power of historical data with MANUS WFM to predict and meet future demands, perfectly balancing staff and vehicle deployment.

Stay On Top of Compliance

Navigate the intricate maze of logistics regulations with ease. From driver work hours to mandatory breaks, our WFM solution schedules your team flawlessly in line with rules, shielding you from potential violations and penalties.

Skill-Matched Tasks for Enhanced Safety

Every logistics task has its nuances. Whether it’s handling hazardous cargo or specialized equipment, MANUS WFM ensures tasks are assigned to those trained specifically for them. Safeguard your operations and boost efficiency.


Swift Adjustments in Real-Time

In the dynamic world of logistics, being adaptable is vital. Delays, unexpected demands, or vehicle issues can strike anytime. Our WFM solution, with its real-time monitoring, empowers managers to pivot rapidly, adjusting tasks and reallocating resources on-the-go.


Labour Cost Insights

With MANUS WFM, enhance the reliability of your logistics operations, ensuring timely deliveries and satisfied customers every single time.

“Manus Software is our compass in the complex world of international transportation. The WFM system helps us plan optimally for each project, but also flawlessly maps out where our development points lie. It is an indispensable tool for any Supply Chain Director navigating the challenges of global logistics.”

Director Supply Chain Logistics Service Provider

WFM Logistics Software

Enhance the reliability of your logistics operations.