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Our state-of-the-art workforce planning software is here to support large, multinational companies in a range of industries to develop even more effectiveness and ultimately, reduce their labor costs.

We operate under the umbrella of Valsoft Corporation, cloud software pioneers. Through this collaboration, we have access to a deep pool of expertise from numerous industries, and this value is ultimately passed on to our customers.


100% control, 0% waste
in your WFM

At MANUS, our mission is to optimize workforce management to be as efficient as possible, without compromise.

We are process-driven and work closely to define our customers’ business processes. From there, we remove barriers and improve drivers for growth. Once this foundation is in place, we connect our WFM-software solutions with our clients’ systems, so they improve results.

Ultimately, we support our customers so that people get the right salary on time, they are not over-scheduled, sick leave remains manageable, and all the other benefits you get when processes are in order.


European thought leaders

We are the European thought leader, with a get-the-job-done mentality and sophisticated software solutions.

Our unique Evaluated Time functionality helps large international companies comply with local legislation and business rules. This compliance lets our clients gain control over their business operations.

We’d love to talk with you about how your company can achieve increased levels of efficiency, compliance, and control.

“Within Valsoft, we work with 85 companies around the world. We exchange knowledge and experience with thousands of colleagues and use it to serve our customers even better.”

– Jan Willem van Riet, CEO



Jan-Willem van Riet

My name is Jan-Willem Van Riet, CEO. Besides my work as CEO at Manus, I am also chairman of the supervisory board of the public school in Krimpener waard.

In 1984, I became director of a staffing agency and continued working in various small and large agencies for 30 years. It was there that I learned that structure within companies is crucial. When this is in place and clear, it creates space to do what you need to do. First, you set up good working processes and then you find the tools and software to support you in that process.

I have been CEO at Manus for twelve years. In this role, I give direction and purpose to the organization. I am also CEO for two other companies in the Valsoft group – Monaco and Softbrick.

The group is growing and it is fun to keep adding new companies. We speak to each other regularly, which is a nice extra you get when, as a relatively small organization, you are part of a large group. For example, within Valsoft, we are exploring how AI can be integrated into business processes – where it fits and where it does not, what’s ethical and what is not. This is a very exciting development that fits well with workforce management software.

In my opinion, Valsoft has an excellent vision of the role of software in business processes, in a way that fits well with my own view. I believe in using available staff well and intelligently, where software is not the goal, but supports the processes. I also want to inspire our employees so that they realise that it is not our software that is most important, but our customers’ work.

Jan-Willem van der Boom
Ron Soomer

I have been part of the team at Manus Software Europe BV since July 2013 and was involved in setting up our service, Total HR Payroll. Before that, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 26 years where I was responsible for IT in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) territory.

When Pfizer moved its European headquarters to Paris, I took a 3-year sabbatical. I then had time for other projects: Chairman client council UWV West-Brabant and Zeeland; Chairman client council Heart and Vascular Group West-Brabant; Chairman of the GP team; Member of the client council Rabo bank; Advisor WMO council and KBO)

In 2016, I moved to MSSH B.V. where I improved various procedures and from October 2020, I mainly focused on the due diligence necessary to close the deal with Valsoft.

Currently, I am responsible for contract management with our customers and employees and have regular contact with our lawyers and with various departments at Valsoft/Aspire in Canada. I also handle internal human resources and payroll processing, and am security officer. These days, I am also involved in various activities for our sister company Monaco Planning BV.

Erik den Haan
Head of Operations

My name is Erik den Haan, Head of Operations within Manus Software Europe. In the distant past (2004), I started as a Marketing trainee for the then new product, ManusPlus.

In recent years, I have held various positions at Manus, from Support to (Sales) Consultant to Project Manager. Each role brought new experiences, challenges and opportunities that have helped shape me over the years.

Today, I am overseeing the entire operation in my current role in which I strive for open and transparent communication between the departments. I don’t believe in a cubicles mentality, but instead, complementing each other as one team to help our customers move forward.

In doing so, I learn every day from my colleagues across the Valsoft group who face similar challenges in different regions and markets.

Danny Assen Commercieel Manager Manus
Danny Assen
Commercial Manager

I am Danny Assen, and I lead the commercial team within Manus. Before joining Manus, I worked in retail companies for 20 years, in various roles. As a result, I know how important WFM is for this industry. It not only leads to cost control, but also provides insight into results and processes.

Through my experience, I know where the challenges and especially opportunities lie with our customers, both in terms of software and process. Workforce management software is a means and not an end in itself – ultimately, it’s all about having the correct process and choosing the best tools for that.


Every day at Manus we support companies so that operational targets are met and employees receive a correct pay slip at the end of the month. The merger of Manus and Softbrick under the Valsoft banner positions us as one of the best workforce management platforms in Europe.

Johan Bakker
Coordinator Consultancy

My name is Johan Bakker, and I am pleased to introduce myself as a Consultancy Coordinator with over 20 years of experience in logistics processes and optimization projects.

During my career, I have worked on various projects and built up expertise in optimizing logistics activities and processes. From logistics, I moved on to Softbrick via a WFM project at Jumbo, and have now been working at Manus for over 10 years.

As Consultancy Coordinator, I am responsible for the technical and implementation consultants. My team mainly deals with the implementation of the workforce management system for new customers, and optimization processes for existing customers.

I strongly believe in the importance of cooperation within the organization and with customers, and that includes communicating effectively with teams at all levels of an organization.

Joyce de Jong
Coordinator Support
Erika van Dee
Administrative Assistant
Henk Verhoeven
Product Owner
Jasper Rietveld
Business Consultant
Marcel van Deursen
Payroll Specialist
Martin Plomp
Martin Plomp
Technical Consultant
Meggy Steemers
Customer Support Representative
Mireille Tulp
Marketing Officer
Nathalie Fortuin
Project Desk Coordinator
Pascal van Lierop
Business Consultant
Robbert Edelman
Payroll Specialist
Rui Ramos
Ruud Spierings Technical Consultant Manus
Ruud Spierings
Technical Consultant
Tamara Olivier
Vincent Stafecki
Technical Consultant

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