MANUS 5 is here!

MANUS 5 is here!

The latest iteration of our workforce management system, MANUS 5, brings a more intuitive and efficient approach to strategic workforce planning.

This new release, now fully web-based, aligns with the flexibility and accessibility demanded by today’s work environments, with enhanced usability across a broad spectrum of devices, including mobiles, desktops, and tablets. So, what exactly can users look forward to? Read on to find out all about the changes in MANUS 5 and how it streamlines your workforce planning process more than ever before.

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What to expect from the latest release of our Workforce Management Software?

The same powerful WFM-software, simplified use

Because our enterprise workforce management software is so advanced and comprehensive with its calculations, it was perceived as complex by some of our users. In version 5.0, we’ve simplified the user experience while retaining its full functionality and the specialty calculations it’s known for. Essentially, users get the full power of the software but in a cleaner, more focused manner. Someone less tech savvy will derive just as much benefit from our advanced solution as someone that wants to see all the low-level details. Users can really make it their own. So, let’s explore the changes in detail.

Improved User Inerface

The most striking change in 5.0 is its completely overhauled user interface. The changes are based on feedback from customers that were using the previous web version; from there, we designed an experience that’s better for all users, whatever their role within your organization.

The ultimate in reponsiveness

Built on a new framework, the UI is not only fully web-based now, but it’s also designed to be more intuitive and adaptable. It’s more easily deployable for all users and caters to the varied devices used in today’s workplace better than ever before.

So, whether you’re a manager conducting checks on the shop floor with a tablet or an employee clocking in from a remote location, the software is optimized for use on the go.

MANUS WFM5 on a tablet
Easily plan on a tablet

Cleaner Visuals and Navigation

In terms of visuals, the new UI is clean, less cluttered, and better structured for web use, ensuring all functionalities are easily accessible. These changes enhance daily operations by making the software more adaptable to individual needs.

Customizable Role-specific Dashboards

A significant change in this version is the introduction of a customizable dashboard – a key element in making the deployment more suitable for different roles.

Whether you’re a manager or a regional manager, for example, the dashboard presents a role-specific view, providing insights and information that are most relevant to your daily tasks.

This streamlines the workflow by centralizing critical information, eliminating the need to switch between screens and thus, making planning more efficient. (Previously, users had to switch between screens for daily, weekly and multiple week schedules but now, they’re all on one screen.)

Custom Filtering

Essentially, we wanted to create a screen that fits all needs. That’s why we’ve also given users custom filtering options. If a user is more numerically/financially inclined, their dashboard can reflect that. Likewise, if they’re more graphically oriented, that’s also an option.

Of course, there are still many other screens you can access when needed. The key is that we’ve created one screen that can serve the majority of every user’s needs without them having to navigate between different ones.


‘Manage by exception’ is a unique selling point of our software, focusing users’ attention only on the areas that require it. By highlighting overlaps or compliance issues, for example, the system guides users through their workflow, ensuring nothing is overlooked. A user forgot to publish their schedule? No problem – the system will show them what items they need to look at.

Backend: Enhanced Performance

Version 5.0 isn’t just nicer to use – the backend has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, resulting in faster and more efficient performance.

Hosted on Azure, and as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we ensure our system always offers the highest standards of reliability and security that our clients can trust.

Developments to “Manage by Exception”

We’ve developed on this USP in 5.0. This version introduces new warning systems based on legislation, such as working time directives, further enhancing compliance without overwhelming the user with unnecessary details.


We’ve added new warnings about blockages. While we don’t intend to make decisions on customers’ behalf, it’s now possible for actions to be blocked in cases where it’s absolutely clear that something shouldn’t be done – when there is no question about it.

If desired, blockages can be established based on best practices. Working time directives can be implemented more strictly or more freely, depending on the organization’s needs.

Time and Attendance and Labour Forecasting

Version 5.0 includes new workforce planning tools – we’ve expanded its time and attendance functionality to include advanced scheduling and shift management options.

With shifts, you have more freedom in how you manage your workforce – for example, you can assign specific tasks to shifts.

Labor forecasting is another factor that optimizes workforce planning with mathematical precision, based on factors such as customer traffic.

A More comprehensive API

MANUS 5 koppelt met nog meer partners

We’ve enhanced our API, making it more comprehensive. Our solution is compatible with Microsoft Power BI and other BI tooling, enabling users to access analytics solutions that are aligned with their specific business needs.

We feel this to be much more valuable than including our own analytics module, as there is great variation in each customer’s requirements when it comes to insights. Instead, we’ve developed on what we do best while broadening its integration capabilities – not just for analytics but HR platforms and other tools within your ecosystem.

In essence, we now provide greater flexibility in terms of data exchange, while ensuring compliance with GDPR and other regulatory standards.

Same Partnership and Support

As you know, our approach extends beyond the software itself – and this will not change with version 5.0. We view our relationship with clients as a partnership, offering not just a tool but our expertise in workforce management.

Our consultants work closely with clients to tailor the system to their specific needs, ensuring they derive maximum value from their investment – and this will continue with version 5.0. Our consultants always get to the bottom of how each customer can get the most out of the software based on their unique WFM processes or industry requirements, whether they’re in logistics, retail, call centers, or leisure and hospitality, or other markets.

Eager to know more about MANUS 5?

As a trusted partner, we do everything we can to match our WFM software with your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about switching to MANUS 5.

In summary, MANUS 5 is a significant leap forward in terms of usability, functionality, and efficiency. It’s now fully web-based with an intuitive UI and customizable dashboards, better catering to the needs of different roles.

Its enhanced backend performance helps in meeting the diverse needs of today’s workforce within the unique context of each industry and organization. We continue to manage by exception and we’ve added new options in that regard. Our API is also more comprehensive now, giving you more flexible data exchange options.

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