Workforce Management for Industries & Manufacturing

Unparalleled WFM Efficiency for Industrial Operations.
Streamlined Scheduling or Peak Productivity.

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Unlock Efficiency in Distribution

Distribution managers now have the key to savings without compromising operations. Delve into precision-driven cost allocation reports and master the art of scheduling through MANUS WFM. The result? Significant savings on labour costs.

Master Time Evaluation for Streamlined Operations

Discover the power of analysing the intricate relationship between employee performance and production processes. Identify and address bottlenecks with side-by-side data comparisons, reducing wastage and enhancing process efficiency.

Precision Delivery, Every Time

Harness time evaluation to dissect and enhance your shipping processes. Identify inefficiencies, optimize lead times, and ensure on-time deliveries—elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty to unparalleled heights.

Stay Ahead of the Unexpected

Manufacturing is replete with curveballs—be it rush orders, equipment mishaps, or supply chain snags. With MANUS WFM, you’ll navigate these challenges with agility, ensuring resources are aptly allocated and the right staff are poised to address any surge in demand.


Smart Scheduling for Peak Productivity

Our software tailors schedules by factoring in production targets, resource availability, and employee expertise. Go beyond just training workers for specific tasks; with our system, ensure optimal resource allocation and reduced downtimes. Simply put, position the right worker in the right place at the right time, against the right cost.


Order Time Registration

Our Order Time Registration module empowers organizations to oversee their processes efficiently, factoring in both the capacity of their employees and machinery. Discover the total time spent on each order, who worked on it and when, and gain insights for process improvement.


Access Control

Track access to specific areas using our Access Control module, for security and emergency preparedness. Use card readers, badges or biometric methods and view real-time data on who has been granted access to which space, and when.

“Manus WFM integrates seamlessly with our existing IT infrastructure. As a result, we have streamlined our processes and are working faster. It’s not just another tool; it’s a strategic partner that also helps us streamline our project administration.”

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