WFM for Operations

Operational Efficiency Powered by Advanced Workforce Management Software Better Processes. Better ROI. Optimize every facet of your staffing operations. Streamline workforce processes from planning to compliance, and ensure optimal personnel deployment. The result? Productivity gains and up to 10% lower labour costs.



Resource Management

Identify and leverage opportunities for optimal resource utilization, driving tangible operational savings. Ensure every team member is positioned to deliver maximum impact, with roles aligned to real business needs.

Stay One Step Ahead

Thanks to workforce data, there’s no need for uncertainty about future schedules. Forecast demand and allocate staff accordingly.

Master Overtime Management

While overtime is sometimes necessary, it leads to escalating operational costs if left unchecked. It can also impact employee well-being. With MANUS WFM, you can gain deep insights into your workforce’s overtime patterns, allowing you to identify areas where workload adjustments might be needed.

Unified Operational Ecosystem

Integrate with ease. Our software connects seamlessly with many other systems, promoting a holistic operational approach.


Thanks to the cloud, our workforce management solutions provide the ultimate scalability. As your enterprise evolves, MANUS WFM adapts, effortlessly meeting the varying operational demands of growth.

Actionable Productivity Insights

Access real-time insights on workforce performance, equipping decision-makers with the data needed for swift and effective improvements.


Boost Morale

Elevate employee morale with self-service tools, granting them the autonomy to manage and adjust schedules, fostering a proactive work environment.

Tailored to Your Processes

At Manus Software, we are process driven. Before implementation, we define your business processes to ensure our solutions are connected in a way that reduces complexity and increases efficiency.

“Manus Software is our compass in the complex world of international transportation. The WFM system helps us plan optimally for each project, but also flawlessly maps out where our development points lie. It is an indispensable tool for any Supply Chain Director navigating the challenges of global logistics.”

Director Supply Chain Logistics Service Provider

WFM Operations Software

Improve the processes that underpin WFM efficiency