Call Center Workforce Management Software

Transform Call Centre Operations with Advanced Workforce Management Software. Our Workforce Management Solutions are expertly designed to handle the unique challenges of call centres, driving operational efficiency and superior customer experience.


Accurate Forecasting

For optimal resource allocation, call centres need to anticipate fluctuating demand.  Whether it’s a marketing push, seasonal rush, or product recall, our software has you covered. With historical call data, predict call volumes precisely, minimize idle agents during lulls and reducing wait times during spikes.

Seamless Shift Scheduling

Operating 24/7 or with extended hours? Our WFM tools streamline the management of intricate shift rotations, ensuring your call centre runs smoothly, consistently, and without any hiccups. Whether you’re juggling multiple time zones or handling unexpected call surges, you can trust our system to keep things seamless and your customers satisfied.

Skill-Based Scheduling

Some calls require agents with specialized knowledge or language capabilities. MANUS WFM can ensure the agents with the right skills are rostered at the right times, ensuring that callers get the best possible support.

Employee Self Service

With MyManus, our Employee Self Service App, gone are the days of managing leave requests and availability manually. With the app, agents can oversee their schedules, request leave, or coordinate shift swaps, reducing managerial overhead and amplifying agent satisfaction.


Meticulous Adherence Monitoring

Our time evaluation engine enables you to track agent activities, from login times to breaks.  You can then address deviations instantly, ensuring consistent service levels at all times. Monitoring agent performance helps identify training needs and areas for improvement.

“With MANUS WFM, we have the tools to better plan and provide the best service our customers deserve. In addition, the Employee Self Service app has greatly improved our internal communication. An essential asset for any Operations Director who wants the best for their team and customers.”

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