Do you require more than simply registering your employees’ time and attendance? Does your organization’s international status mean that it must work with various laws and collective labour agreements and their differing interpretations and applications?

Evaluated Time is a very important and powerful core element

Letting you achieve and maintain compliance. The integration of laws, cultures, collective labour agreements and company regulations forms the backbone of ManusPlus.

The ManusPlus CloudSuite allows a multinational and multibranch setup within a single database, covering the various laws and regulations that different parts of your organization must work with.

VEST Business Information Governance performs an annual PEN security test to minimize risks for our customers. This test focuses on technical vulnerabilities and recommends how to avoid confidentiality violations and maintain information systems integrity.

Independent auditor’s assurance reports
Our company is ISAE 3402 certified by an independent auditor to ensure adequate internal controls.

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