ManusPlus Total Payroll Services

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For a workforce to be effective, it’s essential to provide correct pay slips.

Payroll processing is the final step in the business process of ‘converting time to money’. To produce a correct pay slip, the data input steps must be timely, correct and in accordance with local laws, regulations, collective agreements and company policy.

ManusPlus Total Payroll Services combines the effectiveness of the ManusPlus WFM CloudSuite with procedures and payroll services, ensuring an accurate and on-time pay slip in a single service. This allows you to pay your employees promptly and correctly.

ManusPlus Total Payroll Services offers a complete suite that includes HR, WFM, Time & Attendance and Evaluated Time. It provides outsourced payroll services from a single vendor.

Using an outsourced payroll service model means you can focus on running your company as efficiently as possible.

From an HR perspective, the quality of your human capital and the development of its competencies are vital. Any supporting products and services should therefore give you complete peace of mind to achieve your highest business goals.

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