Fall in Love with Your Workforce Management System this Valentine’s Day 

If your WFM processes have lost their spark and it’s time to explore new options, Manus Software Europe BV is here to save the day!  

Not only do we provide the most attractive software with our newly designed, sleek user interface, but we have all the qualities any organisation would long for in a personeelsbeheersysteem. 

Why We Are the Best Partner  


We have so much to offer, including: 

  • Experience: We’ve been serving international customers for more than 30 years. 
  • Cost control: Your budget is safe with our software – it’s proven to save labour costs by up to 7%.  
  • Flexibility: We’re ready to adapt to your needs. Our solutions are designed to work with diverse scenarios and we offer basic, business and enterprise packages.  
  • Integrations: Thanks to our spider in the web program, It’s easy to connect our WFM software to external HR management systems, performance management software and other services.  
  • Ease-of-use: A highly flexible dashboard and employee self-service application are just a few ways we make things easy for users. Our software can also be accessed through any device.  
  • Manage by exception: We’re here to save your time. That’s why our manage by exception functionality alerts users when action is required – there’s no need to enter the system otherwise.  

Time and Attendance  


Our solutions contain a robust set of features for creating best-fit schedules, tracking time and attendance, administering absences and leave, measuring productivity, and cost control. The Evaluated Time function has your back, helping you prevent costly mistakes in wages, overtime and other records. It ensures 100% correct payroll information in an automated time-to-money process.   



Time is automatically evaluated based on local legislation, collective labor agreements, and business rules. When regulations change, the compliance engine automatically adapts – never again will your staff need to fear making costly errors. Recalculations are also possible when regulations or realized hours change.   

Total Payroll Services 


Our Total Payroll Services ensure employees are paid promptly and correctly. Like any good partner, it gives you the space to focus on what matters most – running your company as efficiently as possible – no matter how complex or varied your contracts are.  

 HR BPO Services 


Our HR experts can handle more than just payroll for you. We can work with any HR processes, from recruitment to retirement to interactions with third parties such as insurers. We are renowned for providing the most advanced solutions in this regard.   

 Don’t Settle for Less 


Don’t settle for less this Valentine’s Day – use a workforce management system you truly deserve! ManusPlus/Softbrick B.V. caters to your every need and will never waste your time – instead, it gives your time back by automating tedious processes.  

 We’re there for you through thick and thin, thanks to our world class customer support. But keep in mind, it’s an open relationship – we’re already serving more than 400 customers in more than 35 countries, helping them increase productivity by having the right people at the right time against the right costs.  


Our solutions are fact-based, data-driven, secure, and always compliant.  

NEEM CONTACT MET ONS OP today to book a demo and see how we can be the perfect match! 

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