Top 7 Reasons Why Your Workforce Management Should Move to Cloud


What is Workforce Management (WFM) and why should your company adapt to this strategy ASAP? When implemented properly, you will have the right people, processes and technology to effectively serve your customers at the right place, at the right time.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the Workforce Management market in the world was at USD 2.44 billion in 2018 and is projected to increase to USD 5.25 billion in 2026. This shows a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.1% in this forecast period. 

In order to do Workforce Management right, you need to have the right forecast, capacity plan, scheduling, and tracking. Not only that, you should be able to measure your performance so you can make adjustments in the future. 

The ManusPlus software solution and team offer the partnership needed.

Who Benefits From Workforce Management? 


Any business that has customers, will benefit from ManusPlus WFM workforce management

It used to be that contact centers had the most robust use for WFM, but this has greatly evolved. WFM practices quickly found their way to back offices as well. Currently, WFM is often referred to as Workforce Planning and Workforce Optimization in businesses. 

Cloud-based Workforce Management


More and more companies and businesses are switching from premise-based to cloud-based operations. Here are the Top 7 benefits of conducting cloud-based workforce management systems

Top 7 Benefits of Cloud-Based Workforce Management Systems



Moving your WFM to the cloud requires a minimum cost to set up. You no longer have to pay IT for its maintenance or spend on costly software updates. It grows as your company grows. 

It Is Browser Based


There was a time when WFM systems required powerful computers to manage all data efficiently needed for forecasting or scheduling. These days are gone. By using the best cloud-based WFM platforms, back-end servers do the leg work, making sure you get the right schedule, fast. There is zero installation involved. All you need to do is open your browser and start working. 

Log In Anytime, Anywhere


On-premise software can give you major headaches. This involves accessing your slow VPN and the right authentication, hoping against hope their system is up and working this time. You don’t have such fears when you have the best WFM tools that are cloud-based. Everything is handled at the data center, allowing you to sign in anytime, anywhere. Remote work has never been easier with the flexibility that has come with cloud-based WFM.


Backed-Up Information Storage


You may have information storage solutions if you are using on-premise software. However, they may require physical back-ups that are sometimes hard to work with. By using cloud-based WFM tools, your data is backed up in real-time and replicated across various cloud instances. So if one cloud install goes down, all your info is rerouted and stored to the replica of your software instance.

Linked Mobile Applications


One of the best evolutions in the cloud-based Workforce Management is the MyManus app (Progressive Web Application). Right now mobile apps for WFM software are linked to the Cloud software instance. Your browser is no longer required to access vital information such as employee schedules, leave requests, and more. This groundbreaking technology has greatly changed how people do business. 

Zero Server Management Issues


One of the biggest problems with physical software installs in the past happened to be server management. You need a specialist to be on site so you can do patches or install live updates. If something went wrong, you had no choice but to wait until the hardware was fixed. These problems are non-existent with cloud-based workforce management software, since it is being managed in multiple locations. 

Real-Time Software Updates


Gone are the days when preparing your software for updates is needed. Now there is no need to organize your data and then wait for such an update to go live. Scheduling a time for updates is a thing of the past. With cloud-based WFM, these updates are pushed directly, live from the cloud. So you can just log in and out of your software and then see its latest version.  

Pairing With the Best Workflow Management Software Solutions


Now that you have the best cloud-based WFM, It’s crucial that you also utilize the best online workflow software for your business. Handling a colossal amount of data and documents daily could be a nightmare. More so if your teams need to do these manually. Efficient workflow management software can make managing your documents and processes a breeze. Now, your teams and stakeholders do not only have an automated process. Pending tasks can easily be followed up, and everyone gets a better picture of a seamless workflow. Thus, more and more businesses are switching online workflow management. 

The Best Cloud-Based WFM + Efficient Workflow Management Software Solutions = A Booming Business


Everyone will agree that the most precious commodity, especially in business, is time. The pairing of these two will not only save you time, it will save you from skyrocketing costs as well.

They have modernized the workforce of management professionals across the globe and greatly improved their day-to-day operations. Having a reliable system online that is always up to date spells nothing but productivity for a successful company. 

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch, now. ManusPlus is happy to help!

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