The Balances Labour Market Act (WAB in Dutch) will be effectuated in The Netherlands as per January 1st, 2020. This act will enforce some regulations to narrow the gap between employees with a permanent contract and their colleagues deemed flexible. ManusPlus will be extended to assist managers to keep up with some of these new regulations:

  • The Schedule Request in the Employee Self Service (ESS) will be extended with an option to request an already approved schedule to be changed. This is to distinguish requested changes from enforced changed.
  • The manager can approve or reject such requests.
  • The schedule of the employee will be adjusted automatically upon approval and then it will be registered that the change was upon request of the employee.
  • A new check will be implemented to show schedule changes within the 4-day period prior to the actual work time and date. This check will only report changes that were not requested by the employee.
  • The results of this check can be provided to users in different roles within the organization.
  • ManusPlus will not automatically insert realization for hours that should be paid according to the Balanced Labour Market Act. The responsibility to act will remain with the manager or elsewhere in the organization.

NB: Any change to the schedule upon request of the employee, will have to be handled via the described request mechanism. It will not be possible to manually mark a schedule change as requested by the employee, for obvious reasons.

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