A high-performing workforce starts with a consistent workforce management process, supported by effective tools.

Our well-equipped automated ManusPlus WFM CloudSuite helps create best-fit schedules, track time and attendance, administer absences and leave, measure productivity, and control labour costs. Throughout the system, time is evaluated based on local legislation, collective labour agreements, and business rules.

The ManusPlus Cloudsuite is available in 3 variations:

Basic, Business, and our top product, Enterprise.

Reduce the administrative workload for your local & branch managers and your HR & Payroll department.

The suites’ Evaluated Time functionality lets you avoid often costly mistakes in wages, overtime, sick leave, and other employee records. By working with our organization, you will enrich your operations with workforce management insights from over 400 international companies that contribute their best practices to the ManusPlus knowledge base.

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