The ManusPlus WFM CloudSuite plays a central role within the client’s overall system landscape.

Our system must communicate with multiple third parties

The ManusPlus WFM CloudSuite offers a complete Restful JSON API for all data exchanges, applicable when the receiving or providing endpoint supports this. For less advanced systems, other secure data exchange methods can be provided. Depending on the type of data, exchange of deltas is also possible.

Applications can subscribe to the event bus, to receive all relevant changes. The API is equipped with a help interface that contains all documentation and allows users to view and test actual calls and returns.

Of course, the ManusPlus WFM CloudSuite prefers all data exchanges secured via the controlled API, allowing the security claim system to control which third party can access which data.

HR Open Standards Consortium, Inc.
As a board member of the HR Open Standards Consortium, Inc., we have the mission to develop data exchange standards for the human resources community and to simplify the integration between HR service providers, payroll, and time technology.

HR Open Standards is supported and used by reputable companies and organizations, including SAP, Oracle, NGA, ADP, the European Commission, Daimler, BASF, and Randstad.

Manus Software Europe led the first project involving the transition to JSON support. All data exchange standards will eventually be available. We’re currently focusing on the primary data, including contracts, payroll, employee, and Timecard. The timecard standard supports the exchange of all time-related data between systems.

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